IMPORTANT: I transferred this extension to another group, and for some reason they violated the webstore extension and bring the extension down … I am working on a new version of AppSpector, calls Framework Inspector and will release to the store¬†soon!

AppSpector (former name: Chrome Sniffer) is a Chrome Extension allow web developer to inspect web framework / CMS and javascript library running on current browsing website. The extension will display an icon indicates the detected frameworks. Currently, this extension can detect more than 150+ popular CMS and javascript libraries, and more will be added in future releases.

License: GPL v3

There’re many ways to contribute to the project. If you know how to improve the current code, find a better way to detect app, or request new feature, you can always mail the solution to me (via contact form) or you can submit issue to GitHub.


8 thoughts on “AppSpector

  1. Christian

    I installed #Appspector via chrome webstore and after the extension had been added, no icon showed up in the browser.Is there a shortcut key to activate the extension when I want to inspect web framework of a website.
    Lastly please get the end users a [TUTORIAL] on how to use the extension.

  2. Alana

    I thought this addon was pretty good until I realised it is reading my own website as “tomatoCMS”. I have no idea what that even is. My whole site is actually jQuery and jQuery mobile.

      1. Kosh

        Let me think… choose the way to click one btn in store, or to compile?! Hmmm, don’t think it is good idea (I mean compiling =)

        And the answer for my previous question is ‘no’ ?

        1. baonguyen Post author

          It will be available in the store soon … Meanwhile let me try to help package this extension and upload it to somewhere first.

          1. Kosh

            I’m not so good at english, not sure I understand you thought. You propose me the help? – No, thanks, I’m Node.js developer, I can do it myself =)
            … But I’m so lazy to even clone the repo, will wait it in store. Was using you app for a long time, it’s more convenient for me than Wappalyzer.
            Why it was banned and removed from store?

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